Marketing Myopia

Marketing is an essential component of business. Without marketing, a business is nothing. But how effective is marketing? What are its strengths and weaknesses? How can one improve their marketing? Below are some tips and ideas to consider in order to improve your marketing.


A marketing concept is a means to achieve a marketing objective. For example, if you want to market and sell shoes, your concept of marketing would be something like “promote the sale of new shoes to consumers”. This clearly states the goal that you wish to attain. In marketing, the same concept applies, but instead of saying “marketing the sale of new shoes”, you can say “promote the sale of old shoes to consumers”. Here is another example, if you are planning to promote the sale of household appliances, your concept of marketing will most likely be “to promote the sale of household appliances”.

A fulfilling consumer orientation is a key aspect of meeting the needs and satisfaction of your customers. Satisfying consumers is the most important aspect of a good marketing concept. Studies have shown that satisfied consumers are far more likely to buy goods and services than are dissatisfied ones. Therefore, developing a fulfilling marketing concept is important.

Proper marketing strategies are necessary for achieving a fulfilling consumer orientation. Proper marketing strategies involve the development of target consumers, the development of marketing strategies that address these target consumers’ needs and demands, and the implementation of marketing strategies. The development of target consumers is a difficult process, because everyone has different needs and wants. Therefore, developing marketing strategies that effectively address the needs and demands of your target consumers is an important step. The development of marketing concepts is not a one-time event, but must be a continuous process, taking into account changes in market conditions and incorporating them into your marketing strategies.

Another aspect of fulfilling consumer demand is developing appropriate marketing concepts. A marketing concept consists of three elements: selling the product, satisfying the consumer, and gaining profit. A marketing concept must be clearly defined and organized, and must include positive aspects as well as negative aspects. Good marketing management requires that you work on all three elements of a marketing concept, except for the last element, profit, which is the sole responsibility of the selling staff. Marketing management is therefore not only about selling products and services, but also about selling yourself to the target consumers.

A marketing concept is a powerful tool, but because it lacks clarity, it can be prone to fail. The most important thing to remember when developing a marketing concept is to remain consistent. Marketing myopia occurs when a marketer becomes preoccupied with developing a concept and fails to see that the marketing concept they have created does not address the needs of the target consumers. When this happens, marketing myopia results in selling concepts that are ineffective because they do not meet the needs of the target consumers. To overcome marketing myopia, the marketer should develop and use a variety of marketing concepts.