Why Are the Chinese Using Social Networking Sites to Build Support For Their Leadership

Examples of news are headlines, features, articles, Op-eds, podcasts, radio and television shows, and many other forms of media. News is usually presented chronologically, beginning with the most recent event and proceeding forward in time. The major types of news include daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual news.


An example of a recent news story that captured public attention was the downing of a United States Air Force helicopter near Alaska’s remote waters. As a result of the accident, which took place just before dawn on Sunday, a local radio station had to seek out the first person who reported seeing the crash, and then have that person identify himself or herself on the air, which required a long time to complete. It is amazing how much time the media devotes to gathering information about breaking news. You would think that after a few seconds, someone else would rush to the microphone and tell everyone what they had seen. But in this case, no one came forward, and the rest of the world learned about the crash later that day.

This type of incident demands a fast response, and that’s exactly what the media professionals are good at. However, in this situation it became clear that the media needed to first analyze the available resources to get the information out to people quickly. In this case, the first step was to use email to deliver the news to those who were affected. News organizations could then forward these email invitations to their news reporters, which resulted in a flood of reporters scrambling to write up short reports. The next step was to use the news releases, which were then distributed to the various news outlets. The speed with which news reached its destination and the degree of impact it had on those who had been directly or indirectly affected, were excellent.

This story idea had such a huge impact because it illustrated how important social media can be for getting breaking news out. It also showed why newspapers should be made online. Now, many people wonder why newspapers are making the transition from print to digital media. The answer is that they can no longer afford to ignore online communities. Even though there is competition from online media, it’s impossible to ignore them because people rely so much on online news sources, such as Facebook and Twitter. In fact, online newspapers have become an important source of information and news stories for people who are too busy to even read a newspaper.

The United States has been invaded by Iran for a long time, since the beginning of the Cold War. This invasion was done in response to Iran’s support for international terrorism and its long time weapons program. When news of the Iran’s alliance with North Korea spread, it was hard not to read between the lines and take notice. Military intelligence noticed that the Iranian news agency had posted some news about the alliance on their website. Some experts believe that the website was purposely planted by the US Military in order to justify an attack on Iran.

Although Iran is hated by the United States, the country still has friends in the world. When the news of the possible alliance broke, some citizens of the United States posted supportive comments on their social media pages. Many US citizens are also avid readers of foreign news publications, which is likely the reason that they made these posts regarding the upcoming trip of the Chinese President to the United States. Therefore, the Chinese are using this as a tool to make their presence felt in the American political scene, as well as to gain support for their nuclear weapons program.